Too Tired to Be Clever

Don’t know what I want to write.

I’m tired. Slightly drunk. Preoccupied with everything.

I wish I did these posts earlier in the day so I wouldn’t have to think about them as I’m trying to unwind and go to bed.

Had a good chat with my parents today. They’re doing well. So glad they’re taking this seriously. I miss them.

I made grilled miso-marinated chicken wings tonight and they turned out pretty good. I’m glad I really enjoy cooking. It’s been one of the few things I’ve been able to complete since this whole thing started.

I did get out on the patio again before it got too hot today. Not a fan of this heat wave. It’s bad enough being stuck in the apartment but to have to do it with all the windows and shades shut to keep the place cool makes things feel more claustrophobic.

If I wrap up now, maybe I’ll get a good night’s sleep and have a more productive day tomorrow. Man, I hope so.



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