Down with the Sickness


Who am I kidding, I’m fighting something.

I hate feeling sick, being exhausted. If I look at it rationally, of course I’m tired and sick. The last week of November was the end of basically a month and half without my having a proper day off. Throw in 2 time zone changes and this Daylight Savings B.S. and then top it off with a steady stream of bad news and half of L.A. being on fire and you’ve got yourself somebody ripe for illness.

It doesn’t help that I beat myself up for not being able to do more when I get home from work either. Sure, I don’t work 8-hour days but I’m also not at a desk. I’m up, I’m moving around, I’m performing. If you do the math, I’m actively occupying the body of upbeat, positive foreigner for nearly 3 hours. And just being in the break room is a performance in itself. Thank god I’m not doing Grinchmas this year. At least my face and voice are getting a break.

I’m hoping a week or 2 of a consistent schedule and limiting my outside work life to eating, sleeping and blogging will get me back on track.

Man, I hope so.

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