You, Sir, Are No iPhone SE

Is it really an “iPhone SE” if it doesn’t have the things that made the original special?

Apple announces its new iPhone SE as fans hold on tightly to their older versions – The Washington Post

“I always tell people, the unsheathed SE is the phone Steve Jobs intended and that’s why it’s a great phone,” Wessman says.

He’s not alone in his love for the smaller four-year-old iPhone model best known for being the last from the company to have a four-inch screen. Faithful owners praise the phone’s ability to fit into one hand, its headphone jack and its sturdy construction.

Amen. I love my iPhone SE.

I don’t want haptic touch or a larger screen or rounded corners. And I certainly don’t want to need a freakin’ dongle so I can use a pair of earbuds. (Earbuds which, might I add, never need to be charged.)

People keep their smartphones an average of 2.6 years, according to market research company the NPD Group. They’re starting to keep them even longer, due in part to factors like a drop in carrier subsidies and easier battery replacements.

3 years and going for me.

I know eventually that the OS won’t update, webpages will stop fitting on the screen and newer apps won’t be able to be installed but, even then, it’ll be another few years before I buy something new.

Now, get off my lawn.

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