Good to Be Reminded

Trying to end tonight on a high note so here’s a list of all I accomplished today:

  • woke at a half-decent hour
  • drank coffee and wrote my Morning Pages out on the patio
  • made 2 jugs of cucumber water
  • made a big batch of salmon cakes
  • did a half-hour online joint session with my wife and her therapist
  • walked for 30 minutes on our treadmill (in the Swiss Alps!)
  • napped with my Riley-roo
  • meditated for 10 minutes (Day 879!)
  • watched the follow-up episode of “Tiger King” with my wife
  • shaved my god-awful facial hair
  • took a hot bath and listened to 2 “How To” podcasts on helping stay sane during quarantine
  • wrote this post

Today didn’t look or feel productive to me but, when I lay it all out like that, I actually feel better.

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