Brain Drippings

Long day. Long week. Not sure what to blog about so I’m just going wing it, bullet-point style!

  • I had a good long talk with my friend (the possible addict) this evening. I didn’t confront him directly about the situation but I listened and was supportive and managed to get him to agree to see a therapist soon. I really hope he does.
  • Thank god I’ve got tomorrow off. I was recently promoted to the top of my roster at work and, while I worked very hard for the position and am super excited at the potential, I’m surprised at how many times its being thrown back in my face by coworkers and management. Kinda sucks. I don’t want to be more guarded backstage at work but it seems to be a necessity.
  • One of the benefits of being top-rostered is that I essentially get to choose my schedule. I’d been torn for months over whether I should continue to work 5 days a week (which is truly exhausting and pushes my sanity to its limits) or 4 days a week (which gives me recovery time and creative time and, all in all, makes me a happier and healthier person… who, unfortunately, makes one less day of pay a week). Weeks like this make me glad I decided on only doing 4 days. Also, I’m trying not to think of it in terms of “the money I’m missing out on” and more “that’s money I’m investing in my sanity and creativity”.
  • I found out tonight that the director of my favorite movie and the director of my very first theme park job are both predatory pedophiles. In fact, the latter seems to have raped Goose from Top Gun when he was only 12.  I describe the situation that way not to be insensitive but because that’s literally how my brain is interpreting the news. The guy who trained me at Poseidon’s Fury sexually abused a 12-year-old Gilbert from “Revenge of the Nerds”. What is wrong with the world?
  • Speaking of which, I can’t believe the wildfires are still going on.
  • In more positive news, it was my dad’s birthday today. I love my dad. When he was younger, he pounded my initials into the hull of a ship he was building. He’s a good guy and I admire him in so many ways. I’m glad we had a chance to talk on the phone today.
  • I need more sleep. Time to hit the hay. Good night, gang.

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